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Pilgrimage 98 brought to you by Road Upstate
The registration area at the Greenville Marriot featured a map for all participants to mark their home city, complete sets of event information and good eats. Thanks to the Z Register and Global Imports for the excellent setup. When we picked up our packets the official number of cars had climbed to 482.
Thursday night tour particpants took first shot at the special reunion merchandise for sale from BMW. They also got to take an extremely rare tour of the paint shop and a sneak peak at the new E53 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) currently in development at the plant for model year 2000.
Zentrum gift shop
An enthusiast looks over the 100,000 M car to be produced. The car will be given away in November to a lucky winner from the BMWCCA Octoberfest '98 raffle. The car is a one of a kind creation from BMW down to the Motorsports stripes on the rear deck lid and roll hoops.
100,000 M car produced
100,000 M car produced
A hand built aluminum Z3 on display from Germany.
All aluminum Z3

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